The Proposal – Part One



This Issy and Lucas mini story takes place near the end of Hunting Truth, around three months after the Joel hostage saga, so around three months before the epilogue at the end of the book.  


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I awoke with a feeling of anxiety—a feeling that was growing in intensity and frequency. I was tempted to snuggle up to Lucas, who was seemingly comatose beside me. The way he slept so deeply always made me feel at peace, but I didn’t want to risk disturbing him. I didn’t want him to be tired and irritable when I broke the news to him. Just the thought of it made my stomach flip, so I carefully slid out from underneath the arm he’d thrown protectively over me and crept out of the room, grabbing my silk robe as I went.

I pulled it on and padded along to the kitchen, wondering whether my stomach would cope with the caffeine hit that my brain so desperately needed—especially since the clock showed it was only a little after 6 a.m. I compromised and jabbed at the elaborate coffee machine that Lucas had bought, hoping it would produce an espresso instead of my usual cappuccino. As it hissed and spluttered to life, I felt morning summer sunshine warming my back as it streamed through the window. I turned and looked out over the inner courtyard of mini-Dakota.

The landscape gardeners had finally finished the makeover and it was breathtaking. My vision for a tranquil oasis that we and the other residents of mini-Dakota could use when we wished to escape the hustle and bustle of Manhattan was nothing in comparison to the reality. Well, maybe one day there’d actually be other residents . . . Lucas had so far refused to let the other apartments, although they were now completed. He wanted us to have some privacy until the newness of our cohabitation wore off.

The caffeine creation chorus ceased abruptly. I gave myself a mental high five when I saw that its ministrations had indeed resulted in an espresso. I inhaled the steam greedily before blowing across the top of the little cup to cool it. The warming sun on my back was too big a draw and I found myself taking my coffee outside. I sank onto the thick cushion of a wooden swing seat and pulled my feet up. It gently swung to and fro as I sipped my coffee and took in the abundance of floral shapes, colors and scents that formed the backbone of the English-country-garden-styled courtyard. The gardeners had definitely achieved the aim of tranquility. I closed my eyes and listened to the birds quietly chattering away. That and the movement of the swing soon soothed away my anxiety.

The next thing I knew, I was being shaken gently awake. I opened my eyes and found Lucas leaning over me, his face full of concern. “Hey, sleepyhead. What are you doing down here? I missed you when I woke up,” he murmured as he softly kissed my forehead.

“Oh, I woke early and didn’t want to disturb you. I made coffee and couldn’t resist the early summer sunshine. It’s a glorious day, isn’t it?”

He smiled and his worried expression was gone. “Every day is glorious with you by my side, Issy. The weather could do its worst and it couldn’t come close to affecting that.”

I grinned mischievously as I pushed my feet off the cushion to allow him to sit next to me. “Well, obviously. You’re a lucky man.”

He chuckled quietly as he sat down, draping his arm around my shoulders and pulling me into his chest. “I am indeed. So what do you have planned for us today, then?”

I pulled away and eyed him with suspicion. “What do you mean?” Please don’t say you’ve uncovered my secret.

“Well, when I checked my diary, everything has been rearranged for today and tomorrow and I know that it wasn’t at my request.”

I frowned, wondering how to explain that without giving the game away. “Perhaps people cancelled,” I suggested lamely. “Daniel will know.”

He nodded, regarding me shrewdly. “Hmmm. You’d think, but when I asked him about it, he seemed to be suffering some sort of short-term memory loss.”

“Oh dear. Well, I’m sure he’ll remember soon. Oh Lucas, look at that beautiful rose!”

His eyes narrowed and his lips pursed slightly. I knew he’d seen through my pathetic attempt to distract him but, when his face smoothed into a good-natured smile, I knew he was willing to let it go—at least in the short term.

He looked to where I was pointing. “Oh yes, it’s stunning. Look at the depth of color in—” He broke off abruptly, stood and walked over to where a newly unfurled rose of the most eye-catching shade of lilac was dancing in the gentle morning breeze. He bent and fingered it gently before turning his head in my direction. “Say, isn’t this the rose we planted in memory of my mother?”

His voice was thick with emotion, although he tried valiantly to sound light-hearted. I slid off the swing seat to get a closer look. Lilac flowers featured heavily in the garden design after Lucas had recalled his nurse telling him that his mother adored the color. Of course, with the courtyard being styled on an old-fashioned English country garden, roses were everywhere. But one day, a couple of months ago, I’d spotted a garden center on the way home from a particularly delicious lunch and had persuaded him to join me for a wander around.

He’d spotted a species of rose with a colored label proclaiming it to be much richer in color than the ones we’d already had planted. He’d pondered aloud how much his mother might have loved it so I’d suggested that we bought it and planted it in the courtyard in memoriam. He’d blinked back tears as he’d nodded. We’d planted it that very night and then drunk a somber champagne toast to his mother’s memory, and we’d been delighted to watch it begin to thrive and grow. Since then, the surrounding plants had seemed to explode around it and it hadn’t been so visible. We’d also been less focused on it once we’d known it had taken root and we’d been busy moving into our new home. Now, there was no doubt in my mind that, from the vibrant color and the beautiful, heady fragrance that this was his mother’s rose.

I took his hand and gave it a squeeze as I nodded. The timing was perfect. Tomorrow marked another anniversary of her death. I put my arms around him and held him until I felt his weight sag gently against me. We stood there for a minute or so, not moving or speaking, just acknowledging Lucas’ pain and loss. I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the young Lucas, bereaved of his mother at birth, neglected by his father and tormented by his brother. Other children look forward to their birthday each year—Lucas had never had a reason to look forward to his. In fact, because it marked the anniversary of his mother’s death, which he was unfairly blamed for, it was a day that he’d viewed with negativity and shame.

I’d planned to help change that and, at the time, it had seemed like a good idea. However, now the day was almost upon us, I’d begun to wonder whether I’d made a huge mistake. The apprehension that had dwelled in my gut since I’d awoken now ratcheted up, making me feel panicky. Cancel your plans. It’s madness to force him to challenge his demons, head on, screamed one side of my brain. No, it’s time for him to truly accept that his mother’s death was not his fault so he can shed the guilt that’s been forced upon him since birth. Then he can find the freedom to grieve for her, screamed the other.

Thankfully, the words of encouragement from Lucas’ therapist, Joseph, clouded out the doubts I’d had when I’d shared my proposal with him and he’d not hesitated to give his backing. He’d even offered to have his cell with him 24/7 just in case Lucas felt the need to speak with him, should things not go as intended. Joseph had been brilliant with Lucas. He was an older gentleman. A tall, professional looking man but someone who could blend into the background with ease. He was totally unassuming, understanding and not at all judgmental. One of those rare people who effortlessly put you at ease because you knew you could both rely on them and trust them instinctively. I still found it difficult to believe that he was an experienced sex therapist—never mind one who specialized in BDSM matters!

Initially though, he was concentrating on Lucas’ childhood issues and I’d quite accepted that Lucas may never be willing to wield a paddle, a flogger or a crop and pink my skin, but every time I thought of the video of him and Ava, I knew how much I wanted to explore the concept. But sorting out his main issues was the priority and if it happened, it would very much be the bonus prize after getting his head straight. If it didn’t happen, our sex life was hardly vanilla and always satisfying, which I knew was more than a lot of couples had, but I felt that if anyone could help Lucas to overcome his issues around pleasurable pain, it was Joseph.

After just one session with him, that had taken place a couple of days after the whole Joel fiasco, Lucas had looked like the weight of the world had been lifted from his broad shoulders. I’d expected him to hate it and refuse to go again. To say I was shocked when he announced he was seeing Joseph again the following day, would be a massive understatement. When he said he’d opened up to Joseph without reservation and told him absolutely everything, meaning that his allocated sixty minute slot had turned into more than double that, and that he’d felt that he’d been in there for around half an hour, I was totally floored. I must’ve stood there with my jaw on the deck, doing my best goldfish impression. I was so proud of him. Joseph appeared to have taken quite a shine to Lucas too. Nowadays, they even see each other socially too—usually a big taboo, or so I’m told, but Joseph had become the closest thing to a father figure that Lucas had ever known. There was mutual respect; both had a devilish sense of humor and a shared interest in classic architecture and renovation so they had plenty to chat about over a beer outside of Joseph’s office walls.

Yes, if Joseph thinks it’s a good idea then I must proceed as planned. He’s not been wrong with anything so far, after all. I gave Lucas a gentle squeeze then pulled back from him, flashing him a smile. “Come on, Mr. Hunter, I’ve got plans for you!” I said, taking his arm and steering him back towards the building.

“I’d have plans for you, right here and now if James wasn’t watching,” he retorted. “But I guess I can wait until we’re back inside.”

I giggled. “Oh no, mister. I have different plans—starting with a cold shower for you from the sound of things.” I gave him a wink and he swatted my ass playfully as we approached James. I dropped my voice to a whisper. “After last night, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are friction burns on that delicious cock of yours so a cold shower might be in order for medicinal purposes.”

Lucas managed to hold back his retort until after we’d passed the doorman. “Well in that case, Miss Prince, your delectable pussy must need an icepack!”

I laughed then squealed as he threw me over his shoulder and raced to our apartment. He placed me back on my feet in the bedroom and then, just as I prepared to fight him off, worrying that we’d get behind my tight schedule if he got me back into bed, he turned and walked from the room. I cursed inwardly as I realized how disappointed I was, despite my good intentions. I walked into the en suite bathroom and turned on the shower, absentmindedly debating how to style my hair for the day’s journey.

I lazily dropped my robe on the floor but, just as I was about to step into the shower, a strong, muscular arm snaked around me from behind. I gasped in surprise but then squealed when an even greater surprise between my legs almost made me shoot through the roof. I tried valiantly to escape his grip as he pressed a handful of ice cubes against my poor pussy. “Is that better?” he murmured against my neck before biting it playfully.

Cold water ran down the inside of my thighs. “Argh, Lucas, stop!” I cried. “It’s freezing!”

“It is now. But it wasn’t, was it? It felt hot . . . tender . . . and used, didn’t it?” His voice was pure sex. Who am I kidding? This man is pure sex! I tried so hard not to squirm against his hand, determined not to convey the beginnings of my arousal.

Instead, I swallowed hard and nodded.

“And that’s why you didn’t have the kind of plans in mind that I do, so I thought I’d make it better for you. Cool it down a little so I can warm it back up,” he growled seductively in my ear before he began to nibble its shell. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

I opened my mouth to disagree. To protest against his sneakiness. But just at that moment, he pressed himself against my back. Bare, naked flesh with a throbbing, heated extension that was insistent against my lower back.

“Yes,” I heard myself say, before my brain had chance to process it.

“Of course you would, you sexy little minx. But I thought you had other plans. Other more important plans . . .”

“I did.”

“So what changed your mind?”

“Um . . . my pussy is cold?”

“Is that the only reason? Nothing else?” He pushed his pelvis forward as he spoke so I could feel the urgent need in him, pulsing and throbbing against me, dominating my consciousness.

“Well, maybe . . . I have a feeling . . . in my lower back that you’ve something that could help to warm me up.”

He chuckled. “You’re a cock-hungry vixen, Issy Prince. I was only trying to make you more comfortable but you’re insatiable, aren’t you?” I could hear the smirk I knew he’d be wearing. He was turning into a relentless tease these days, spurred on by our foray into the realms of a D/s relationship no doubt, although we were taking things slowly. Perhaps it was time to pull him back into line.

I turned my head and placed my lips against his neck as I spoke. “I don’t know. Perhaps you’re just not man enough to sate me.” Then I nipped the hollow of his neck sharply.

I heard his sharp intake of breath just before I felt myself being propelled firmly forwards as I heard the clatter of ice-cubes on the marble floor. Slam! Oh yes, it’s wallbanger time! I turned my head so my cheek rested against the wall and reached behind me to grab his beautifully sculpted ass.

Without preamble or ceremony, he pushed my legs apart with his knee then thrust his rock-hard length into me from behind and left it there, buried to the hilt. One hand gripped my hip, the other fisted my hair as he hissed through his teeth. I think my eyeballs rolled back into my head at the force of it.

A lustful sigh left my lips as he withdrew oh so very slowly.

“You know, I really should deny you what you so obviously want after your shameful provocation,” he whispered as he stilled, the tip of his cock just inside me.

I opened my mouth to declare that he wouldn’t dare but then closed it again. There was no way I was making that mistake again. A couple of months before, he’d done just that, leaving me so hot, bothered and downright frustrated that I’d been sure I was about to spontaneously combust. I couldn’t even bring myself the relief I so desperately needed and I blamed him fully for that. Lucas Hunter was more than a sex god, he was an addiction. Once he’d shown me the dizzy delights and pleasures that he could wreak on my body, I’d simply craved more. Denial was pure torture.

He had a skill or instinct—call it what you like—that freed my conscious mind and allowed me to simply feel, especially when I was physically restrained. Thus enabling the slightest touch, upon any part of my body, to feel sensational. He could work my body to a crescendo effortlessly, like a master conductor, building and building until I begged for release and even then he’d push me a little further before allowing my body to climax . . . and then he’d grin cockily as I sought to regain control of my senses, telling me that was only foreplay. Any misconceptions I’d had that he was joking, had been swiftly challenged and corrected as he’d worked his magic on my mind and body, taking me to new heights and rewriting my definition of ecstasy.

And it wasn’t as though I was an innocent before him. Oh yeah, I’d loved sex but that all seemed like mechanical, perfunctory fucking now—the lust, need and pleasure I’d felt paled into insignificance compared with what I experienced nowadays. Lucas pushed me to my limits—past what I’d thought were my limits and to my actual physical and mental boundaries, conjuring orgasms of cataclysmic proportions and leaving my body a heaving, glistening heap of sensation before he held me in my arms until I could function again. The emotional connection that we shared, the love, respect and trust, enabled us to rewrite the sexual rulebook.

I felt his shaft twitch and knew he was awaiting my response. I also knew that he was fully aware that I was carefully evaluating my comeback. His dominant display had me in no doubt as to his mood. My responding, uncontrollable pussy clench left me in no doubt as to my need—no way was I going to risk him denying me. I wanted him to consolidate his ownership of me—body, mind and soul. My initial training was going well and I knew I had a lot to learn but I also knew exactly how to respond in this instance.

“I’m sorry, Sir. You would be entirely within Your rights to deny me and make me suffer the loss of Your magnificent cock.”

I heard him inhale deeply through his nostrils as I felt his grip on my hair and my hip slacken a fraction. Then he whispered, with loving pride in his voice, “Good girl,” before regaining his hold on me and slamming his cock all the way back in, making me gasp.

Lucas was skilled in the art of orgasm control—both mine and his. He could fuck like a stallion until his cardiovascular system ran low on oxygen—and he was mighty fit—and it took what seemed like forever. Or he could allow himself to succumb quickly and come explosively within minutes—something he rarely did but he did so now, taking me with him into the abyss. I felt his teeth clamp down on the back of my shoulder as my nails raked his ass. The speed and ferocity of his thrusts slowed but still he pumped into me, prolonging my orgasm and leaving me weak at the knees as it finally subsided.

Slowly, we sank to the floor together, grateful for the cool marble against our heated skin. He wrapped his arms around me and muttered, “Well, that was an unexpected bonus on this fine summer morning.”

I cracked on eye open and retorted, “Did you say bonus or boner?”

He chuckled. “They’re never unexpected with you around, my darling.” He dropped a kiss onto the top of my head. “In fact, I think it’s fair to expect another one any minute now!” Then his lips were on my neck.

“Oh no you don’t!” I cried, scrabbling away from him in a very undignified manner. I stood over him, my hands on my hips.

His eyes boldly swept over me, the corner of his mouth twitching slightly. “Ooh, playing hard to get, are we? Don’t you realize that makes you even more irresistible, Issy?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I scolded.

His eyes pinned mine. “I’m not. Look!”

I followed his gaze down to where his erect penis rested against his toned stomach. It flexed defiantly under my gaze. I swallowed, wondering how the sight of it always made me salivate in response.

His gaze sought mine, silently challenging with those glossy black irises, one eyebrow raised expectantly. God that man was gorgeous. He was sex incarnate and he knew it. I couldn’t wait to seduce him in— Oh crap! We needed to hurry or we’d get so far behind schedule that my surprise could be ruined. Although, at that moment, Lucas Hunter was the very definition of temptation, I drew upon my inner strength and managed to resist. I knew that was only because I didn’t want my plans to be derailed entirely and that, if all went as anticipated, it would be so worth it.

I noticed his brow furrow slightly. He’d obviously sensed the change in my train of thought. “I’m not playing hard to get, my love. I’m simply deciding to test out the benefits of delayed gratification.” I smiled and offered him my hand to assist him getting up off the floor.

His brow furrowed further and his lips pursed slightly. I half expected him to pull me on top of him but, if he’d considered it, he decided against it. As he stood he regarded me shrewdly. Then I saw him relax and his handsome face broke into a wicked smile as he placed his hands on my shoulders and leaned in close. “If you want to dabble with delayed gratification, my darling, who am I to refuse you? I just hope your poor body can cope with the pressure because by the time I’m done delaying your gratification, every muscle, every sinew, every fiber of your being will be at breaking point, seeking delicious salvation in the form of the most powerful, most destructive orgasm you’ve experienced yet.” One hand moved to caress the side of my face as he continued, “I’m looking forward to it already. I hope you can prepare yourself, Issy. You’re in for one wild ride tonight.”

Another flash of that wicked grin and he strutted away, into the shower cubicle. I heard the jets of water hissing as they caressed his perfect form but I was too busy absorbing the full impact of his words. Oh God. What have I done?

A little while later, we were both showered and I was drying my hair. Of course, Lucas had styled his to perfection in two minutes flat, but mine took considerably longer. I’d recently lost the colored streaks and had instead had more layers put in. It looked good but took even longer than before to style and, where we were going, style was everything. Lucas had again tried to find out my plan for the day so I’d had to tell him that he needed to pack an overnight bag with both formal and informal wear suited to a similar climate and that he needed his passport. His eyes had been on stalks! I’d hugged myself in delight. It was not often that anyone managed to surprise Lucas ‘Control Freak’ Hunter.

It got better. When Carter (under threat of death if he muttered a word of my plan to Lucas) dropped us off at the airfield, right next to the same private jet that had taken us to watch Denial perform at a festival, he’d raised his eyebrows and looked at me questioningly. I shook my head and grinned. He pouted playfully as he climbed out of the Lexus, making Carter smile, until Lucas noticed, and then he swiftly turned away and busied himself with extracting our overnight bags from the trunk.

Lucas sneakily attempted to ascertain our destination from the crew but they smiled and informed him that they were under strict orders to respect the confidentiality requested by their client. He scowled at me in jest but I could feel his frustration building as the flight got underway.

I stood and held out my hand after we’d successfully taken off, once the crew left us to it after serving our chosen refreshments. “Oh dear, Lucas. Come into the bedroom with me. I’m sure we can find a way to take your mind off it.” I smiled.

He stared at me pointedly. “Oh no, Issy. You requested to sample the ‘delights’ of delayed gratification. Therefore, I have plans for your body tonight but not until then.” He patted the leather seat next to him. “Sit. Snuggle up to me. I think we should watch a movie.”

I shrugged and sat down. Lucas draped one arm around my shoulders as he began to peruse the film guide. A few minutes later, after denouncing them all as utter crap, he retrieved his tablet from his overnight bag. Within no time, thanks to the wonders of modern wireless technology, the opening credits of a film I didn’t recognize filled the screen.

The introductory music and filming was edgy and engaging. Rich, seductive bass notes filled the air as a pair of black patent leather killer heels that enhanced long, stocking-clad legs came into view, walking away from the camera. They belonged to a redhead who was definitely dressed to thrill in a black leather miniskirt and sheer lace blouse. She walked along a corridor inside an industrial looking building then turned into a large room. When she faced the camera, she was seductively made up and visually striking. Kohl-lined eyes of emerald green, framed by long, mascara-clad lashes balanced out a luscious mouth that was painted a glossy bright crimson. She was stunning, and her hair! It fell in waves of the richest russet with natural golden highlights. She would turn the head of anyone with a pulse—male or female, whatever your sexual preference.

Movement on the far side of the room caught my eye. There, in the shadows, stalked a dark, masculine figure. The tempo of the throbbing baseline increased gradually as he approached the redhead. His movements were lithe and graceful although he was tall and muscular. They reminded me of Lucas’. I turned my head to look at him. He was staring resolutely at the screen, but it felt like he’d been observing me closely until that moment—probably because he was acting so engrossed in the film although very little had happened yet.

I turned back to the screen, resolving to keep my expression as impassive as his. Well, that lasted about five minutes when the male figure came fully into view. My word, he was gorgeous! Properly drop dead gorgeous . . . and sexy as hell. Even though he was on screen, his sex appeal was palpable. He was wearing a charcoal suit that could have been an Armani. It fit him like a second skin and complimented his coffee colored skin.

The room was some sort of a storage facility. Somehow, I knew that the woman was aware of him following her. Her actions, although mundane, became increasingly seductive. She was confident and sexy and she knew it. He knew it too. It was expertly filmed. It should have been creepy—some guy stalking some woman—but it was somehow erotic. The music and edgy filming techniques somehow told me that she was safe and that sooner rather than later, he would pounce. The closer he got to her, the more teasingly seductive her demeanor became. They’d make an incredibly hot couple, I realized before an image of them, naked and entangled, sprang into my mind.

My nipples peaked and my thighs pressed together. My cheeks heated as I felt Lucas’ gaze on me. He chuckled but it was very deep and throaty and I knew he was getting turned on too. Meanwhile, back on the screen, she was almost within his grasp. She sashayed to a cleared area covered by a huge deep-red rug. Storage boxes and crates were scattered around it. She walked to the center of the rug—there were no shadows for him to hide behind there so he boldly stepped out of the shadows and approached her. By now, the pulsing bass soundtrack was thumping like my heartbeat.

He stepped right up to her front. She turned her head, presenting him with her cheek. Instead, he lowered his lips to her neck. As soon as they touched, the dynamic changed. It was as though she fell under his spell. Within moments, she was undressing at his direction—although there had been no words. He remained fully clothed, even when she was naked, but his arousal was visible. She lay on the rug and he swooped down, kissing and caressing every inch of her body.

He stood and I could see that she was panting and squirming with desire. I wanted to shout at the screen to tell him to go back but he only went as far as one of the crates. It was then that I realized the strangers hadn’t spoken to each other. Not one word. That thought sent a delectable shiver down my spine; a dominant man who didn’t need to speak in order to obtain submission. As I pondered whether that could happen in reality, her wrists were being bound behind her and then she was ball-gagged. He stood back, looking self-satisfied, then advanced upon her with an electric vibrating wand. Her eyes widened in recognition of his intentions.

I’d never been a huge advocate of porn films. They’d never done much for me. I preferred to engage in sexual activity rather than watch it. But sitting next to Lucas, who was breathing very heavily, watching the sexy stranger wring orgasm after orgasm from her bucking, writhing body, made me begin to reconsider. By the time he carelessly discarded the vibrator, tore his jacket and shirt from his toned body and knelt to worship her with his mouth, I was hot, horny and hell bent on some action.

I slid closer to Lucas and pressed my lips to his neck, placing tiny kisses from his ear to his collar bone. He didn’t appear to notice. I slid my hand into his lap and caressed his length through the soft denim of his jeans. Nothing! Undeterred, I clambered onto his lap and began to unbutton his shirt as I nuzzled into his neck. He sat like a statue as I undressed his torso, seemingly engrossed in the film. It was only when I began to unbuckle his belt that he seemed to notice my actions.

“And what exactly do you think you’re doing, Miss Prince?” he asked with one eyebrow arched.

“I’m preparing for you to fuck me, Mr. Hunter,” I purred.

“Ah,” he said. “Unfortunately, someone decided that they wished to test of the benefits of delayed gratification. So I’m afraid that won’t be possible.”

“What? No!” I pouted. “Anyway, it’s been delayed from this morning so I know the benefits. I’m as horny as hell so I know it works. Enough now.”

He leaned forward until our faces were almost touching. “Oh, my little sub in training. Did you forget that your body belongs to me? That I decide when and where? I think you need a reminder of those rules. And I’m telling you straight, I’m not fucking you here and now.”

I stared at him in disbelief.

“Besides, if you think you’re gagging for it now, just think how desperate you’ll be if and when I decide to satisfy your near insatiable needs.” His tone was firm and gently mocking.

I narrowed my eyes before retorting. “That’s a shame. I was just going to give you the blow job of your dreams. All wet, noisy and sloppy—just the way you like it.”

His hand shot out and gripped my jaw firmly. “Ah, but my darling. You forget who calls the shots. You willingly offered to fulfil my needs, whenever and wherever I chose. And I choose the wettest, sloppiest blow job. Right here. Right now.” He finished with a cocky smile before letting go of my chin and leaning back, locking his fingers behind his head.

I scowled, knowing that he had the upper hand.

I smiled sweetly. “I didn’t say that I’d changed my mind. I adore blowing you. I do it as much for me as for you. I love seeing my Dom unravel at the mercy of my mouth.”

He pursed his lips slightly as his eyes bored into mine. “Careful,” was all he said.

I bent my head to hide my own cocky smile as I tugged down his clothing and freed his erect penis. It was beautiful and so tempting. A long, throaty sigh escaped from his lips.

I slid off his lap and took him into my mouth, angling my head so I could see the TV screen. By then, the sexy guy was naked, had the redhead’s bound body bent over a crate, and was relentlessly ploughing into her from behind. When his pace increased and every muscle in his toned physique seemed to be straining with the pressure of his impending orgasm, I was mesmerized. Lucas fisted my hair with both hands, impatiently yet wordlessly urging me back to fellating him and I realized that I’d stopped completely to watch the action on the screen. I noticed that Lucas couldn’t seem to tear his eyes from the screen either. From that moment he dictated the pace and depth of my ministrations, until I felt his thighs tensing and I knew he wasn’t far from release.

I could hear his ragged breathing and feel the tension in his grip on my hair. He suddenly held my head still and began to thrust into my mouth. An animalistic growl and a string of curses fell from his lips when he finally succumbed to the inevitable. I greedily swallowed all of his essence before gently licking him clean, idly noticing that the music had ceased at some point. I looked to the TV and saw that the screen was black. I made a mental note to request another screening at some point in the future when I wasn’t being subjected to prolonged delayed gratification. I knew it was my own fault. You had to watch your words around Lucas Hunter—if it suited him, he’d find a way to hold you to them.

I dressed him and hopped onto his lap when he held his arms out. He cradled me against his chest and stroked my hair. I must’ve fallen asleep because the next thing I knew, he was shaking me awake and telling me that we were about to land. As my sleepy head cleared, I had a moment of panic, wondering whether he knew the location of my mystery trip. I mentally kicked myself for falling asleep. He assured me that he was still in the dark, his slightly amused expression telling me that he knew it was important so he was humoring me. I smiled back affectionately, acknowledging to myself how lucky I was that my control freak alpha was willing to do this for me, although it was totally against his nature.

The landing was perfect. Lucas’ face was confusion personified when I turned to him, a blindfold in my hand. “What’s th—?” Then I saw comprehension dawn and his eyebrows flew from his frown to the top of his forehead. “Oh no. No way! There is no way that I’m wearing that. I’d look a complete jerk!”

My own eyebrows joined in the height competition. “Oh, so I look a complete jerk when you blindfold me? That’s nice to know.” I forced a hurt expression and hung my head.

“No!” he gushed. “When you’re blindfolded you look as sexy as hell. But you look vulnerable too, which, let’s face it, when wearing one you are. Totally at my mercy. Just the way you like it.” As he spoke he closed the small distance between us and tilted my chin back up with one hand as the other grabbed my ass and pulled me against him firmly. Deep midnight blue eyes pulled me in more as he kissed me. I melted into him as his tongue stroked mine and his strong fingers kneaded my ass cheek. For a minute or two, I totally forgot where we were and what we’d been discussing. A fleeting memory of the way the sassy, confident woman had fallen under the sexy, dominant guy’s spell so effortlessly floated into my mind.

I pushed him away firmly, only succeeding because he wasn’t expecting it. “Lucas Hunter, I know what you’re doing but it’s futile. Now are you going to wear that blindfold or are you going to stay here? By yourself.” I folded my arms and mentally tapped my foot.

His mouth opened in mock indignation. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. But I’m not wearing that blindfold and I’m not staying here.”

I regarded him shrewdly. “Stalemate,” I announced.

He regarded me with equal shrewdness. He knew I was no pushover. “Compromise?”

“Go on,” I said simply, maintaining my stubborn stance.

“I’ll keep my eyes closed. And before you say anything, I solemnly promise you that I won’t peek, okay?”

I narrowed my eyes and chewed on my lip a little—just to give him the impression that I was thinking it over and may refuse. In reality, I thought it was a fair deal. “Okay, I’ll compromise but you owe me, mister, and I won’t be forgetting to collect.”

He leaned forwards so that his face was inches from mine, his familiar cocky expression back firmly in place. “I’m looking forward to that already.”

Man, he was so arrogant and smug sometimes . . . he could be as infuriating as hell but because he was so charismatic and confident too, it suited him. I’d seen a change in him since he’d begun therapy with Joseph but perhaps it was so subtle that only I would see it. He was less guarded, less brooding and less broken—not ‘fixed’ but well on the way. He’d accepted that his mother’s death was not his fault, something that he’d known—God knew I’d told him often enough—but he’d been conditioned since birth to carry the burden of her death. Therapy was helping him to lighten the load, day by day. But make no mistake, he was still a control freak and every inch an alpha male.


To be continued …


Don’t panic – I’ll put Part 2 on tomorrow!!