The Redeemer

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The Redeemer is Book Two of the Amazon UK Erotica/Romantic Erotica #1 Bestselling Series, 'Rouge Passion'. Book One is 'The Player'.

Xander’s secret sends Isla reeling. Frustrated by her own stupidity, and in full denial of the pain she’s feeling, she resolves to teach him a lesson. As the legal owner of Rouge Passion, she’s in the perfect position to do just that. And boy, could she give lessons on how to deal with cheats . . .

She goes all out to protect her position, including enlisting the services of two former Royal Marines. Although fiercely independent, she has to rely on the staff to help her, something that proves difficult, especially after a drunken liaison. Can Xander outmanoeuvre her or, with the odds stacked against him, should he walk away? Is everything always black and white? Or do grey areas exist?

Xander is forced to regret holding his cards so close to his chest but, when all is revealed, will he be left holding the winning hand?

Caution: this book contains content that is suitable for mature audiences only. If you disapprove of dirty talking alphas and copious amounts of hot sex, you should not purchase this book!

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