The Hunter: Orion the Hunter Book One

The Hunter


Perfect for fans of hot, contemporary romance series, J. D. Chase’ new serialized novel begins with this sizzling first episode. The series is guaranteed to get hotter and hotter. Gorgeous Interior Designer, Issy Prince, loves her life in Manhattan with her best friend, Angel. She loves to watch Angel’s boyfriend’s band and is used to getting the attention of any man she wants. She has no plans to settle down – ever – but has regular hot one night stands. Life is good.

Former Dominant, Lucas Hunter, has made millions in the construction sector. The handsome, anti-social, alpha male has been celibate for several years, preferring instead to hit the gym and maintain his awesome physique. When he meets Issy, sparks fly.

What happens when two strong minded individuals find that they can’t get each other out of their minds? Neither wants to get involved in a relationship but neither can walk away. Dare they embark on a passionate journey into the unknown?

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